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DSMC will develop and implement a sales and marketing strategy for attracting the new clients and customers           



DSMC will work with you to identify, evaluate, position, and capture large opportunities, as well as support proposal efforts



Involved in the development and execution of an overall growth strategy and global business development initiatives and campaigns



Specific communication solutions DSMC will provide as an outsourced PR and communications extension to your own internal teams



DSMC will remain a growing marketing incubator organization that specializes in accelerating the growth of companies within the international Defense, Space & Security industries



DSMC encourages direct and member driven collaboration across all projects and campaigns to have positive effects on the people and organizations that put in the time and effort to make collaboration a long lasting and long-term business relationship


our mission



DSMC serves primarily as a working-group catalyst




DSMC has garnered local, national, and international Promotion for it’s Members




DSMC Consulting produces Strategy from A-Z | PR & Marketing | Event Management | Beyond




DSMC Consulting will support Members and Client Teams in an Outsourced Capacity






DSMC’s ‘incubation’ of innovative marketing alliances and partnerships across all the Member and Partner related organizations, the Council works on a monthly basis to help its participants to grow revenue and cultivate referrals from and loyalty of best customers



our team


Our DSMC Teams are the key performing building blocks of any project we successfully accomplish. 


We have learned through decades of combined real world experience in the defense, space and security sector what works and what does not. We are able to quickly mobilize a worldwide DSMC network of professionsls efficiently to minimize costs. This way we provide our DSMC Member organizations and partners with the ability to create a tailored matrix of innovative sector specific solutions with the various tools, experience and strategy of experts to achieve your goals.

Over 18 years experience in International Business Development Strategy within the Defense, Space & Security Sector.

Over 16 years of experience held in leadership positions within global organizations and created largest security show in the Middle East to reach an annual turnover of US $22M.

Over 12 years experience in the Security & Defense sector and has held a diverse range of roles and responsibilities including: Security Operations, & Crisis Management.

  • Management Consulting

  • Sales & Business Development

  • PR & Marketing

  • Translation

  • Filming and Photography



Matthew Cochran

Chairman & CEO

Mark Leveratt

VP International Business Development & Strategy

Imke Pinz

DSMC Advisory Board Member

Focus: Marketing & Events

Global Team 

of Subject Matter Experts


Dr. Ihab Ali

DSMC Advisory Board Member 


Focus: Cyber Security

Gary W. Rosholt 

Rear Admiral, USN(Ret)

DSMC Advisory Board Member   

Focus: Defense Industry

Sir Joe French

DSMC Advisory Board Member  


Focus: Defense Industry 

Dr. Robert D. Childs

DSMC Advisory Board Member    


Focus: Cyber Education

Sir Joe French retired from the Royal Air Force in 2007 after almost 40 years service.  His operational background was flying helicopters, serving in Sharjah, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK.  Operational deployments included Northern Ireland, Belize, the Falkland Islands and the Gulf. His last appointment in the MOD was as Chief of Defence Intelligence which covered the start of operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  

Gary Rosholt is the co-founder and CEO of Trident Military Equipment Trading, LLC in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  He recently completed more than 35 years of active and reserve military service as a Navy SEAL and achieved the rank of Rear Admiral.  Highlighting his career was his two-star Flag officer assignments as the Senior Defense Official in the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and previously the Deputy Commanding General for the Special Operations Command for the United States Central Command.  

Over 25 years experienced consultant, certified USA National Security Agency (NSA) Committee on National Security Systems IA training standards (CNSS) IA 4011 & 4012. Experienced in Telecommunications and Network Security, Cryptography and Security Architecture.

Dr. Robert D. Childs, former Chancellor, National Defense University iCollege and Deputy to the President for Cyber and Information, is now President and CEO of iCLEAR LLC ( International Cyber Leadership Education and Resources). Additionally, he serves as Chairman of the Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (AFCEA).

Mihaela Vincent

DSMC Advisory Board Member  


Focus: Global Business Development

Diana Scogna

DSMC Advisory Board Member 


Focus: Defense Press & Events

Diana Scogna and her company, Media Marketing Service International, consults and represents worldwide defense press and military events organizers and advisors in emerging markets.

Over the past 4 years, Mihaela has been responsible for leading and managing the marketing functions of three international defence exhibitions (IDEX, NAVDEX & UMEX) by providing strategic direction and operational execution in all aspects of marketing, PR and sponsorship. 

DSMC certified by TRACE (November 2017)

TRACE has completed a TRACEcertification due diligence review of Defense Services Marketing Council Limited [DSMC]. Certification by TRACE signifies that Defense Services Marketing Council Limited [DSMC] has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. TRACEcertification underscores Defense Services Marketing Council Limited [DSMC]'s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.






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